Small Bathroom


3D archviz is my hobby and I found Blender some time ago. I did this render for my architect friend Barbara Rokicka. This is a small bathroom in two options modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Blender Cycles with some post in Lightroom and PS.


I like it a lot! the light is a bit sharp (in my taste), but connected to the camera angle - works well, and very conceptual! You may try to reduce this sharp-angle a bit, will be more natural. Right now you have really good and realistic materials, but with the camera angle makes them uncomfortable somehow…

like it alot:)

Thank you! You’re right - the angle is weird but I couldn’t fit this very small space into camera :slight_smile: And maybe I overused some contrast and sharpness in Lightroom as well (that’s about sharp light). This project is finished but I’ll try to watch out for this things in the future.

. …Anyway, Great job Jaroslaw! :slight_smile: