small blue circles

Hi all,
I have again some simple questions, which seem complicated for me as a beginner. First: I have some small blue circles in the 3d-Window. Could someone tell me what they are and whether I can get rid of them? Second: How can I duplicate an object and later give each different properties (like duplicate a sphere and later one sphere should be black and the other one red)?

Can you show a picture?

Click the number in the little box next to the material’s name to make it Single User. This will create and name a new material for this object which you can now modify independently.

in the attachment is a picture. The circles are in the red circles (?). As you see, I’m still working with on Gus handled in the documentation. I think these circles have something to do with the lamp and Gus. But I don’t know what they mean. thanks


You are correct about the circles having something to do with the lamp and Gus (assuming you’ve gotten far enough that you have your camera or lamp set to follow Gus). The circles are the object centers, and that is where your camera or light will focus on if you set it to target the object.

I’m a new Blender-er, so that might not be the best definition, but I hope it explains them well enough.