Small brush performance


In recent builds I noticed the brush performance on small brushes is awful, even adjusting the spacing…

Is there any setting that could help improve it?

Thanks for your attention.

What OS? I’m asking because here on linux it feels a lot more comfortable as it used to be - strokes as in image would just stop respond after some 10 or so mouse moves. Right now i’m not able to feel any difference be it first stroke or 100. It does not ‘choke’ anymore.
And, yes, it was more pronounced on small brush sizes if i moved mouse fast enough.
Hope you mean paint, not sculpt…

Win64 here. Maybe it is a Win only bug? or maybe it isn’t even a bug…
Anyway, thanks, it is good to know there is no such problem in linux.

It is a bug, fixed on r58805.

Workaround: Set Render>Performance>Threads to 1

Kudos to PsyFi.