Small but dense smoke simulation

Hello, i’ve been messing around with the mantaflow simulation and i’m trying to make a smoke of a cigar for my scene, but it is always too light and not that visible in render (it’s there but just really thin). If i scale the scene to be bigger it will be denser, but i want to keep it’s current size for later use.

which setting is for adjusting the smoke density? or is the only way is to adjust it trough the shading?


Hi, if you already baked the simulation then the shading will be the easiest way.

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isn’t the only way to see the smoke in mataflow is baking it in the first place?
and is there any efficient way to make the smoke looks like a small/cigar smoke (straight and dense) instead of looking like a big smoke but just scaled down?

sorry, i’m quite beginner in simulation and stuff. Thanks

If you post a reference to the smoke, i will be able to make an example.

Yes but the final bake is in high resolution and takes a lot longer.