Small castle hall with Blender 2.52

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Link to 1280x1024 sized image:

This is simply a small castle hall the I made. I was looking through my Dad’s collection of video games, and one of them was a game called The Sacred Rings. The game had a box, and a flap on the box. I opened the flap and looked at the most prominent picture. I told myself, “Hey, I can do that.” So I did.

If anyone wants a wide screen version, just say so.

Also, I’ll probably show some renders of the materials I made, because they look better than you can tell in this picture.

awesome work

yeah nice work man!

i like it a lot. It reminds me some hall in resident evil 4. I think that all image is too blue, it will be good some contrast with other colors. It will be interesting. Nce work man.

Sorry for the double post but seeing again i think it will be good if you change some of the statues because they are exactly the same. The image will be more real.

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Some materials that I used in the project, except for the ground. They were somewhat edited for this picture.

Thanks for all the complements.

this is absolutely awesome!

I think this could be better with a little material and lighting tweaking. While the material themselves are sufficient, in relation to eachother there is an inbalance. The one that stands out to me is the border along the bottom wall, it seems maybe to bright or possibly the wall reflection value is too low/high. Good work though. Were’s the flames from the torch?

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Another material: the floor. It’s heavily edited from the render image. But, I did say I would post some material images, so here they are.