Small castle hall with Blender Internal 2.50

This is simply a small castle hall rendered with Blender Internal renderer 2.50. The modelling is about 95% done.

It looks really good but 95% done? Are you going to leave it as a clay?

Also, I like the lighting through the windows but its a little dark in there, but that may have been what you were going for., and crank up the samples on the subsurf, i think to make it a little bit smoother looking.

Hmm, this looks kind of like Disney Castle in kingdom hearts 2

And 95% done meaning the just this hallway right? with other 5% being all the textures and lighting?

I got a 403 on that link DDD.

That’s pretty much what i was hoping with the 95%.

What I said is that I’m 95% done with the modelling. I’m going to texture it.

ok good. I was hoping you weren’t going to make it a clay

Great start.

I love hallways :slight_smile:

Maybe these photos will help give some ideas about texturing and lighting. Or some inspiration at least.


Ooo, i like the second one!

btw, that link should work fine…(it does for me anyway…)

It sais
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ehh don’t worry about it though. It might just be this lame old computer acting wierd.

Some textures and lighting modifications. Also, some glare post-pro. Some ambient occlusion will probably be added on the end product.
The wall texture needs work, but, frankly, I don’t know what to do yet. It seems so flat and blurry.

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Put textures on columns. Any suggestions wanted, expessially on the columns.

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The columns look great as does the modeling. Nice job.
I don’t like the floor texture though… it looks too flat and looking down the end of the hall you can tell it’s repeating. I’m not sure the architecture of the floor matches that of the rest of the hallway either. The walls are clearly very well organized and neatly cut stone, but the floor looks ancient.

Textured a bunch of things, but can hardly tell. Oh, well. I just keep going and see what happens.

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You could add some tree silhouettes to the lighting outside, so that inside the lighting has a richer texture to it. It would give the scene a better sense of place, too.

Are you using normal/bump maps on the textures? Done correctly, that would fix the flatness problem.

Needs more texturing in general, all the untextured bits really stand out right now.

The floor texture looks much better. Nice work.

Beautiful! Personally I liked the floor texture and lighting from the previous render better, but that’s just me.

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Textured more stuff, put a bump map on the floor. Going to start finishing this up, by doing more with the statue textures and get some bump maps on them. Also, will mess with lighting and post-pro.

Any tips or suggestions welcome. I might go back to the lighting I had at first, but keep the floor I have now.

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Changed lighting. Added a light from a torch that has a little fire in it. I’m not going to make some fire because it’ll be too bright and my GFX card can’t preview it.

I’m pretty much done. This is what I set out to do. Nothing more. Even though I would like to add a person, but that’s a completely other project.

I’d like some last words before I finish it up and everything. Got anything to say?

No words. It looks good.

Well, I’m done. I’m going to post it on Finished Projects.