Small change in source file makes scene with library override hang on load

Using Blender 3.1.2

I have a character in its own blend file.

I have scenes using that character, which I linked in and made a library override.

I had to make a small change to the original character, replacing one object with another.

Now I cannot load scenes using that character. Blender hangs indefinitely. I thought it was supposed to be able to re-sync a library override if the source file changed?

In the console is the message: “WARN (bke.liboverride): C:\Users\blender\git\blender-v310\blender.git\source\blender\blenkernel\intern\lib_override.c:1499 lib_override_library_resync: Old override OBeyelens for pony.001 is being deleted even though it was user-edited”

“Old override OBeyelens for pony.001” is the name of the object that I had to remove.

Are all my scenes using this character now just unusable, or is there something I can do? I will have lost an awful lot of work.

I could deal with it if the library override was broken and I had to re-link or something, but blender just hangs, so I can’t do anything with the file at all.

I’d appreciate any help that you can give, because I’m stuck here.

Uhh… didn’t used it for a long time but wasn’t the (shipped with) addon Edit Linked meant to be used for this?? How did you changed your file? (And there should be a *.blend1 backup file)

I’m not sure how “edit linked” would help, since I can’t get the file open to use it.

As for the backup, good point, I will look. I did make multiple saves when I edited, so I may not have a backup that goes back far enough. But that still leaves the underlying problem: My character is a WIP, but if I make any changes to it, all the files that link to it break and become unusable.

More information:
I’ve run blender with -debug-depsgraph and see constant message spam along the lines of:

DEG_relations_tag_update: Tagging relations for update. graph_id_tag_update: id=OBtwilight rig.029 flags=TRANSFORM, GEOMETRY source=USER_EDIT"

Where the “.029” keeps slowly incrementing over thousands of messages. When I let it just run for ages, the suffix number incremented hundreds of times.

“twilight rig” is an armature object that is part of the character. There is no “twilight rig.029” or any other number

After about 20 minutes it spammed similar messages with other recognizable object names in the character file, again incrementing the suffix number hundreds of times.

After something like a half hour, it has now changed what it is spamming thousands upon thousands of times, to a few new messages, primarily “DEG_relations_tag_update: Tagging relations for update.” Occasionally it will break that up with a few other messages like “graph_id_tag_update: id=OBtwilight rig flags=TRANSFORM, GEOMETRY, COPY_ON_WRITE source=USER_EDIT”

I could give a more complete log…but it is spamming messages as fast as it can display them, constantly, so it would be a HUGE text file.

I’ll let it run for another few hours to see if it gets anywhere, but you see the problem. It seems to be doing SOMETHING a ludicrous number of times and getting stuck in some kind of loop.

Because i wasn’t using Link… for some blender versions now i was asking how did you do it so maybe someone could reproduce or give advise… Maybe if you rename or move the referenced file elsewhere and then try to open? I can’t imagine how let it run for another few hours to see if it gets anywhere could lead to anything that would help… ??

Okay, I renamed the character source file to make it inaccessible, and I still can’t open the scene file that references it. It still gives a lot of console spam about “Tagging relations for update.” and then after a few minutes it just hangs, with no more console output…then goes back to spamming “Tagging relations for update.” on what appear to be hundreds of copies of things (based on the names referenced), just like before.

Representative sample:

graph_id_tag_update: id=OBWGT-rig_foot_tweak.R.103 flags=TRANSFORM, GEOMETRY, COPY_ON_WRITE source=USER_EDIT
DEG_relations_tag_update: Tagging relations for update.
DEG_relations_tag_update: Tagging relations for update.
DEG_relations_tag_update: Tagging relations for update.