Small character for fun

This is a character that i made for fun about a week and a half ago, took about 6 hours to model and about 30 seconds to render the final one, im holding out hope that i can animate him in future, still a bit of a novice at blender though


I like him!

The only thing that bothers me is his/her ear. The interior is gray.

I agree with elam. The interior of the ear needs some sort of texture to break it up. Also, the hair around the ear looks too straight; it could be more random.

Other than that, it looks wonderful.


Give the interior of the ear a nice pinky, warm tone and it’ll add warmth to the little guy.

I like it! really cool. I have a question, I’m having trouble deforming a mesh…did u model yours like that or use an armature to pose it? attached is an image of my problem
as u can see it look OK before the subsurf is added to it…any advices?


@2way: cute. did u intent to make it like stuff toys?
@Adendunmola: try to improve the weight paint.

yer im not an expert on using armatures, i think mine only looks good because it has fur all over it, but i would suggest trying to redo the weight paint, if that fails im not sure,

I did try and make it more cartoony, i wasnt sure whether it worked out alright, he seemed to lack a bit of character in my opinion