Small Contract for Realistic Vine (Timelapse Simulated) Growth

[CONTRACT FILLED, thank you all!]

Hello all,

I’m looking for a couple realistic “time-lapse” sequences of single vines growing: Very similar to what is demonstrated in this sampler:

The final is for compositing in an indie film.

What’s needed:
1.) Simulated single vine growth as indicated in the example.
2.) 1080p @ 29.97fps is fine, with alpha matte.
3.) Lenghth from bud to fully extended growth should be about 20 seconds. Menacing feel if possible.
4.) Curls of secondary growth, thorns, rotating motion of leaves, convincing “pushing” motion of a vine reaching towards something (prey) during timelapse.
5.) Scale in sampler works well, though would love a couple variation.
6.) Paid contract, but low budget film. Contact with link to portfolio and compensation expectations: [email protected]