small demoreel (3 models)

here it is a small composition whith some models of mine

17,4 Mb --> .mov as you can guess

hope you enjoy it.

very good stuff, the models textures and presentation were fantastic. Though I did LOL when I saw the bulldogs butt.

5 Starts.

I like the style of it and I love your models. I think it looks really fantastic!

But personally I would start with the textured version, then maybe switch to the untextured and wire frame version. Because in a demo reel, you want to show the best thing first and that would be the textured version of the robot (in my opinion at least).

Great work though!


Lovely :slight_smile: The first model I like the most.

nice nice! the first model is of course the best by far and the “detail” in the dog made me laugh