Small feature request, draw priority (force objects to draw in front of everything)

Because this will be really useful for those who want to make GUI’s without needing overlay scenes, thus being invaluable for those who need many different GUI objects throughout the game.

Here’s how it could work, somewhere either in the UVtexture options or the material panel you have a button which will force the object to be drawn in front of everything else. This way I can make my GUI how it’s done in most Blender games and not have to worry about it disappearing when the camera goes through walls and not even have to put it right in the camera, this could have several uses.

-A transparent outline of the player or obstacles if hidden from view, in a marble game for instance you can see the silluette drawn in front of the wall.
-An FPS crosshair or targetor

The default draw priority could be say ‘3’ and then you can have 3 layers of GUI drawn in front (like a character outline at priority ‘2’, GUI background at priority ‘2’, and the text objects at priority ‘0’)

I know Ideasman reads these forums now, but I think it shouldn’t be too hard to just make a button to make objects draw in front of everything in all cases.