Small Gallery on Display

(JFirestine) #1

Let me know what you think.

(blengine) #2

your galleries are sooo good… lighting is great, some piuctures look very real, and your GI tests are amazing =)
the abstract pics were good too, though some a bit weird :wink:
nice site design and layout too, looking very good 8)

(DreamMaster) #3

LIke it… many different pictures. :slight_smile: Love that GI pictures you got there. Love this room where you had sunset scene picture on the wall with 2 lamps… you know what I’m talking about? Lol, sorry if I lost you. :slight_smile:

Keep up your work! :slight_smile:

(Jolly Gnome) #4

WOW! I just love those :smiley:
Really great work there, espacially those abstracts