small hair problem...

Hi everybody!!

I’m modelind a chacarter, and after making the clothes (i didn’t use the ‘CLOTH’ option, because i’m making a picture, not movie. so it’s just a mesh) i started warking on the hair.
Well, the prablem is that the hair goes through the character’s clothes! i tried warking with softbody and with hairguid, but its too hard and taking too much time to make it look right.

I hope you can help me.


If you press the ‘set editable’ button by the drop-down menu where you choose your particle type (hair, emitter, reactor), your hair will be frozen the way it is, and you can begin to sculpt it. In the 3d viewport, with your mesh selected, pick ‘particle’ mode from the mode drop-down menu, and open up the particle editing box by pressing the N key or opening it from the ‘particle’ menu. You’ll find a wide variety of tools there, and several modes in the 3d viewport header(path select, point select and tip select) whose meanings will all be self-explanatory, and which will let you control your hair very precisely.

Hey, thanks!
I did know about partical mode, but i didn’t think it will help me in this case. THANKS!!!