small impression

Hi all,

Some small and simple work I did for a client. It’s a simple galvanised steel construction with supports for commercial advertising panels. Nothing fancy though. But I think the result is acceptable. Rendered with Blender Internal.

Comments are welcome.



Nice work, but I think the lighting is really letting it down. For an outdoor scene with such a bright sky, I think there should be a lot more ambient light. Switching away from the blender internal renderer would probably be a good start – it’s not up to much, honestly.

thanks, i’ll take a look in some external renderers

The light setup isn’t very bad, but the light doesn’t come from right direction. The sun is located to the left, maybe in the middle between horizon and zenith. But it isn’t visible on the construction, it should look like on the chimneys. But, the indirect light is very nice, I like it. A minor flaw, the BMW ad is stretched, the other two look well.

Nice output from BI.

Lighting is perfect, it is in the shade after all. But the perspective is wrong, check the bottom panel it is twisting up.

Good though

The lightning is good, but I’m not really sure if it is in shadow. Making the billboard lit by sun would make it more integrated into the picture. After all, it is the main object.

Thanks for all comments. I did an update and it looks indeed better:

  • added a lightsource from the sun’s direction
  • improved the height and wideness of the advertising panels
  • increased the thicknes of the advertising panels

I was thinking of defocusing the right part of the image (backgound) because it is further and less important, but I have to learn about using nodes first then :wink:


Nice change, but to improve it even further, you need ot correct the photo’s perspective. the photographer didn’t hold his camera leveled. It’s most noticeable on the buildings to the right. Maybe (if you didn’t unwrapped the pillars and billboards) you can bevel the edges slightly. Not really necessary, but might help.

Nice work…

Yeah the re-lighting is nice, but the perspective error is very distracting. The bottom panel’s bottom edge has a vanishing point up in the sky somewhere rather than down on the horizon.

hmm, this is probably because I use a background image in my world settings. Any suggestions to correct that ?

There are multiple possibilities: correct the photo in PS/GIMP, or map it to a plane and rotate as needed…

Why not move the camera down a bit (or the subject up a bit), basically the bottom edge is below the horizon making the vanishing point up in the air (in relation to the background).

I sugest moving the cam down and tilting it up a bit, so that you don’t crop the top.

Is the background picture a plane with the picture as a texture or is it an HDRI?

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