Small issue with ambient occlusion

Hey I have a desert scene (see picture below) that i am trying to add ambient occlusion to but there are certain parts I want to exclude from the ambient occlusion (due to looking horrible with AO, and they have lower value textures because the main focus isnt the areas I want excluded)

Is there any way to use AO without lighting up the whole scene? i want the scene to be mildly dark, but every time I turn AO on, it bursts light into the scene, just completely shattering the images “believability”

The circled areas are the problem areas, I want them to not include AO

also the arrow is pointing to an area that I want to have shadow, but for some odd reason, it wont darken correctly?
any ideas for that?

The exclamation point shows with AO the lighting in the barrel stops being a problem


Are you using the AO set to Add ? If so use Multiply to darken the occluded areas without lighting up the whole scene.

Ill try that and post the result! thanks for replying so fast

thanks it worked!! Now my only problem is the lower left corner? can you tell me what is happening here? (no other lights other than in the front of the scene and it still does that little white corner peice…)


Hey richard can you move this to the works in progress thread now? i think ive fixed my problems and am currently still working on it xD