Small issues that are stil present in Blender 2.6x

zeauro - linking modifiers and constraints is not enough as it copies all the modifiers and constraints; trick with Grease Pencil is a just a hack and not really a solution, copying objects works, cool, it’s a new feature but works well (still I consider it as a hack but yes, it’ll do), about Curve modifier - perhaps you’re right, once you know these rules it’s no longer that difficult. The rest of the list are still open issues.

Make arrays use instances. Please.
Using dupli-verts/dupli-faces to take advantage of instancing just seems… convoluted.

Convert the array to “real” geometry only when applied.

This is actually extremely easy with python, a couple of lines only, so I took the liberty to write it.
I’m currently adjusting the code so it actually shows up in a panel, so I’ll have it for you in a couple of minutes!

here it is, nothing fancy and there might be some bad style since I’ve never done any blender scripting except for some personal use:

if you run this it adds a function called Simple 3d View Unselector, which iterates over your selected objects makes them unselectable and then deselects all the objects.
This function can be found with the search tool and can then be added to the toolbox or a custom hotkey can be defined for it (

if you want it to have a different label, rename the bl_label by changing the string (line between the “”)

There probably is a nice way to auto-load (maybe with user preferences?) but I don’t know it. But this should do what you want I think.

  1. no antialiasing option for the texture/ao/normal/etc… baking functions (so you have to bake at 4x the size and rescale in an image editing application to simulate a 4x antialiasing)

I think the solution will come from cycles based baking. I hope so. LOL

I agree with all of them, especially with nr 7, 9.

I would add one too:

When going into quad view, it always goes to camera view, but it should preserve the view I have.
For example if I dont use camera in my view and I’m going in quad view, I should see the same view there… and only if I already am in camera view and then go to quad view, there is the same camera view.

Is it still working now? On official 2.66 release here (on Linux Mint), the menu does open, but options are all “greyed out” (disabled).

Make sure you have at least two objects selected.