Small job connecting up a rig for mocap

Hi there

I’m looking for help with taking an existing rigged model and retargeting it for use in BGE with a Kinect sensor.

I’m using Ni-Mate’s script. You don’t need a sensor to test, just the addon-onand free version of Ni-mate.

There is no modelling needed or rigging - I’m just having trouble connecting up the model and getting it working in the game engine. It should be a very straightforward quick job for someone with pretty basic knowledge.

I’ve attached the model (spiderman) which I’ve rigged using riggify. Spiderman-new rig1.blend (2.44 MB) There’s also a capture armature for retargeting here as well as a tutorial showing how to retarget here.
I’m also attaching a working version of their demo Delicode_NI_mate_Simple_Bunny.blend (2.98 MB) which works in the game engine to show the game logic.

Could you PM me with an estimate of time/cost and any questions?