small lightsaber vid

Besides the lack of a contact flash(I was too lazy to split it to frames and gimp it), any crits?

I could have done that in photoshop or maybe GIMP

hey thats cool!

[sarcastic]now make one where you get hit in the leg or something :< [sarcastic]

As I could have. But blender makes it waaaaay easier.

after effects beats all.

you can do the same thing you can do graphically with Photoshop, with the ease of animating keyframes in blender.

plus you can de-grain and brighten the image, and add some glow from the saber on nearby objects with a bit of time.

sorry if I sound like an ad, but I must spread the joy!!

That’s pretty good qwe, don’t know if you saw any of my clips.
If not they are here. But my whole film would have been much easier had I had that script. At the time I just used photoshop and a saber I made in Blender. I’m going to take some time going through my new Blender 2.3 manual and doing the sequence editor tuts so I can really use this. Anyway, great job.

yes, but the difference between AE and Blender is about $1000 :smiley: and that’s $1000 that I don’t have.

Thanks blazer. If I may say so myself, I was blown away by the test renders with the plugin… I should probably knuckle down and try to figure out a way to do flickering.