Small Living Room

Small Living Room Render in Blender 2.82

Hope You Like it


Looks great,
the only thing i notice that some of the furniture scale is kind of weird.
The white sofa seems a little big and the white shelf is big as well.


white shelf is real size build in furniture in room
Thank you for notice. i will fix next project

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

you’re right

Hi nice work. This is Eevee? (I think so)

I think he is right: about the sofa the seat (seat pillow top) should be about 35-45cm from the floor, this seems more like 55.
Btw that means the lounge chair is maybe a little big, since the seat is almost as height, maybe check against the manufacturer dimensions, this a known designer piece
And the DLSR camera on the pillow looks large compared to the coffee table.

You may want to make the lighting a little more dramatic, for example the room in the foreground with the retro buffet would need to be flooded with artificial light to be (almost) as lit as the area by the window, it would add to the drama to leave it low and add maybe a spotlight on the orchid, or just darker overall.
Finally the scene out the window seems detached and fake for several reasons:

  • the light outside is coming from the right and back, on a cloudy or very humid day (as I read the shades and shadows on it), whereas the light through the window is coming from the left
  • to achieve such bright interior the outside scene generating the light would be burnt out and bloom effect would help

thank you for all notic

it cycle thank for notic

wow you only use 200 samples??? xD okayyy great job i love it bro

yes sir it 200 samples use Optix Ai denoise on rtx card