Small living room

Visualization of a small living room.

Cooments and suggestions are appreciated = )

Wooden Car on the Shelf model by oldtimer,
L-shaped sofa by nhumrod,

This is really nice and well put together!

Only comment though is that those rainbow blinds are blinding me, maybe tone them down a bit, and maybe darken the rest of the scene as-well.

I agree with @ThatRandomBlend, I think you need down a little the tones of walls too.

Thanks ThatRandomBlend and joseperez, i will tone them down and see the results

i like the dark beams on the ceiling - it’s a nice contrast. i’d vary the texture on them a bit more to remove the repetition. also make the edges and corners a bit more random, since large beams of wood like that are rarely that perfect.

the cats are a cool touch :wink: good job overall!

Wolfred, I forgot to do that. I just use an array modifier and let to change texture mapping late. I’m on other projects now, but I’ll change it to my portfolio later. Thanks for criticism, if you not said I probably would not see.

Nice job. I personally think that the image is a little too blown out and it has too much contrast. Everything could be softer. Also, the wood could have been lighter, unless that’s what you were going for. I don’t mean to be a bummer though. Good job.