Small Office

Ok so this is my first real project.
What I have so far:

Yeah its not the best, again, first project and I am currently teaching myself how to use Blender.

Question on it, the seem where the wall and floor meet, whats causing that to be so harsh?? I have the OSA set to 16, anything else I can do to fix this??

That backdrop looks nice, is it an office in the forest? xD
hmmmm, in the floor edges it looks like a seam in teh geometry to me. Or are they two separate meshes?
If they are just bring the floor up a tiny bit so it overlaps slightly.

For someone learning blender - the image is quite good.

Regarding the seam you are quering, you may wish to add more lights or adjusting the locations, I found that the more lights you have, the better the image. There are some good quality *.blends that have good lighting setup you use for research purposes. Sorry no links.

Very good render, but it looks like the trees are reflecting off the window, not behind the window.

Thanks for the replys everyone. =) and I just added the backdrop so i didnt see blue ATM haha. will change soon.

@ Dave12345:

Its the inside of a cube ( deleted one face). So I will go ahead and raise the floor like
you said.

@ kbot:

Thank you a lot. And yeah, I’m curently working with the lights still.

@ Yellowlambo:

I just realized that haha. thanks for pointing it out. I’m thinking maybe a light pointing into the room from outside to fix? Or altering my Glass material a bit.

let me guess… the background forest scene is an Oblivion screenshot? At least it looks like one :smiley:

ahaha why yes it is!! :stuck_out_tongue: