Small One Man Spacecraft

Hey everyone,

I’m working on this for a school project. It’s kind of up in the air what we do so I decided to model a small one man spaceship of some sort. No real plans for it, just modeling on the fly. I still have a number of things I want to do to it, but I thought it looked good enough now to maybe get some feedback.



Hey LyleA876,

I like it :slight_smile: It has a “believable” feel to it.

Have you tried it in the new Cycles renderer? It does a real nice job of glossy metals and such.
Also, have you tried what it look like with struts down the front windshield seperating the front part from the side parts?

Hey Blenderer,

I haven’t tried Cycles yet for anything, but I have seen it showcased at Blender Cookie and it looks pretty sweet.

The windshield has gone through a number of variations. I have thought about struts like you say and I may give them a look today or tomorrow.

I like this design, are you modeling from a concept image?
Lets see this in color now :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the barrels on the wings? Imo the tail ends kind of funny, maybe sharpen it up in some way…or i dunnno…

No concept image other than the one in my head.

The barrels are for whiskey so the pilot can stay constantly drunk.:eyebrowlift:

Here is some more detail I’ve added