Small PC Game Studio seeks Environmental/Interior Blender artist for Long term paid work

Hi BA community,

Please see our job requirements and summary of position below:

Position Summary

Working as an Environment Artist, you embrace the challenges of creating a variety of realistic internal/external environments. From industrial warehouses to lakeside cottages, you are presented with a mixed bag of surroundings with various conditions including weather, lighting, furniture, and props. You take initiative to create high quality work with matching output. You are proficient in Blender, but open-minded and willing to expand your knowledge and skills. You are a valued member of the creative team and your voice matters.

Skills and Requirements

  • Ability to create isometric interiors with a high level of detail including furniture, doors/windows, and appliances
  • Ability to create exterior environments including lakes, parks, building and other outdoor spaces with accuracy
  • Working knowledge of particle systems in Blender for applications such as dust and other visual FX
  • Ability to create vehicles, weapons, props, cutlery, and other inworld tangibles
  • Ability to follow a design look, including colors, lighting, textures and rendering

Kindly DM me for any questions or to apply.

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