Small problem with 2.25 interface.

(rwv01) #1

I installed the NaN 2.25 Publisher on my Win 98 machine (thanks Ton)
but the GUI has problems. The buttons disappear and the windows won’t draw correctly. The 2.25b version does the same thing.

2.23 works fine.

I installed the key and am using Python 2.2.1

Anyone know what the fix is?

(VelikM) #2

Are there new drivers for your video card? If so try them.
When I updated to OS X 10.2, the interface looks like it’s melting when I render or click on the Dock. Everything works ok other wise.

(tonyfarley) #3

Yeah, my windows don’t draw correctly until i resize my working window to be smaller. then it redraws it all correct. It works fine after that.


(Lockee) #4

OpenGL antialiasing is the culprit there (that melting effect.) turn it off and that should go away.