Small renderfarm - is someone interested?

Do you think there would be a demand for a tiny render-farm ? At the begining 20 to 30 GHz to together, all cpus would be C2D.
It would be possible to set a low prices, about 0.1-0.15 $ per 1 GHzh.
Im just asking if it has any chances to make it high.

render farms are always in demand, if you market right you’ll always have people that will use it

it all depends on the prising and the wait times, couze i personally wouldn’t want to wait a week for my render to finish

Core2 Duo/Quad are dropping in price at the end of this month. For me I might be interested but really its more project driven and I got nothing that needs this kind of power right now.

The only caveats would be licensing issues if you’re offering more than just Blender, and if you are not, can you beat $10 from Respower for unlimited rendering? Oh…there’s BURP too if you don’t mind waiting for renders :slight_smile:

The BURP project looks cool, but keep in mind that it does not allow commercial renders.

if it had support for outher renderers like indigo/ yafray etc then you may sucseed, so long as its not super expensive;)

the BURP project does support commercial rendering

for a ONLY 1000 CREDIT you can submit your task to the server as sort of VIP rendering and all machines connected will have that rendering as a priority until it is done (it fairly much halts everything and gives way to your work)

A lot of admin and coding is needed to run a renderfarm successfully.

Take a look at Respower’s system to see what kind of features/interface are required.

Also talk to Lobo_NZ who has coded a tool called “farmer joe” for blender

nothing new to add exept for that i might have a need for one in a year or 2… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm … I was unable find anything in the BURP policies or forums about this. The only thing I found was Only sessions where the output is not used commercially are allowed. (Commercial sessions done for non-profit organizations are rejected as well)
Are you thinking of a different project?

No im not thinking of a different project

when you go to “SUBMIT SESSION” theres a choice that is given to you, it asks you what type of rendering do you prefer and explains what it is (try to submit a session to burp and you’ll see (unless it was experimental at the time but i know for sure it was there))

I thought about something really tiny… If I had some more more C2D CPU´s and electricity for free, I could make with them what I want and it will cost nothing.
Nothing like respower, the price and details of each render could be set personally and each anim could be rendered in any renderer, its licence allows commercial use.:eek:

I am interested in a 20-30Ghz Core 2 Duo/Quad render farm. However, considering what I am working with, I am worried about the WAN network bandwidth usage.
I do not have any dealines to meet right now, but if I do, a small render farm would come in handy.

100Mbps connection with unlimited traffic should be enough :rolleyes:

what kind of render time is considered acceptable for something like a 4000*3000px image? (clay model, but very detailed, AO = 16, OSA = 16)

if you are taling about burp, i believe you can split up your image into sections (up to 64) to speed up the rendering. ( as long as composite nodes are not used because some composite nodes does not work well with splits, especially blur related filters)

Each split shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Depends on the software too. I’ve used Qmaster & xgrid locally with a good quality 10 port gigabit ethernet router that I found at a pawn shop for $80 of all places and I get decent results with 2xdual 1.25Ghz G5 Powermac, 5x1.25ghz G4 Mac Minis, a dual core 2Ghz G5 tower, and my Quadcore powermac.

Actually Qmaster works better than Xgrid for me since the front end as an interface. I’ve tried a lot of different options with Blenderxgrid project, but ran into issues with distributed works over the internet. Locally I have the .blend on one machine the others can access of the LAN as a network dive. Doing that over the internet has some security risks that I’m not willing to take.

When Apple destroyed the GUI interface to Xgrid when it was released, as opposed to the tech preview, they shot the application in the foot. I’m hoping they fix it with Xgrid 2, but…

NOPE, no commercial rendering. I had a logo for a non profit organisation I wanted rendered, and they rejected it. The reason they gave was that if its a logo, it may be commercial and they cant be bothered googleing it. Commercial rendering may be available once it comes out of alpha status, but nothing confirmed yet. I was using the 1000 credit option for it as well.