Small Script for rendering grease pencil keyframes(not every frame)

To give you an update on the situation…I’m pretty much done with the thing.
I actually got it working in one or two days but the UI part was somewhat hard to do. Not to mention that I hit a knowledge block and went asking in the python section of sadly with no help…to be honest why that chat is there when I never got a good or any answer of my questions, except “you shouldn’t be touching blender’s files”…yeah I thought blender was GPL-free to use and modify.
Anyway got it working on my own. We have buttons on the GP Dopesheet header and I need to do a bit of making sure everything is fine…like test it on other versions…so far on my 2.93portable it works, but I want to test it on .92 and the official, as well as an installer version…so in a day or so I’ll share it, as well as some simple documentation, because there is a tricky part when you install it.

It’s wonderful. I am looking forward to it!

Ok I finally found time to finish the Readme part …so here it is :
Look at the readme section first on GitHub below all the files. And yeah I hope it works and does what you want it to do. And I hope you make a lot of cool stuff with it.


It works fine!! You’ve recreated my vision perfectly. Thank you so much for your awesome work!

I’ve noticed a couple of minor issues with rendering. The first is that when artists output a GP as an illustration, they may export it as “viewport” with “background” as “viewport” from “viewport shading” and the color as “white”, or they may export it as RGBA with PNG for compositing and make it transparent.
However, it renders with a gray background that is not transparent.
Also, the background image of the camera and the images imported into the scene are not rendered.
Could you please improve the rendering so that it maintains the viewport display as in the viewport render?

I know it’s rude to ask for more support, but I think this add-on is the last piece that will turn blender into a perfect 2D animation software, so please help me…