Small Script


Looking for a coder to script a color picker tool (UV an 3DView) to change Wireframe color.


just the wireframe color in the viewport? It’s actually the active/selected object color in 3d viewport and vertex select color in uv editor. Do you want to pick from entire blender window or how to you imagine the interaction?


Entire window would be ok.

As for the layout, something compact like this would be nice:

  • Top would be Wire colors, bottom would be Background colors, if the second one is other than pure white, then a gradient would be used, being the second one the “gradient high” color.
  • Single click would popup the color selector.
  • Tooltips would state what is what.

P.S.: Wire colors should include both selected and unselected states, plus that grey wireframe color in the UV editor when paint mode is active on the 3d view.

A quick demo:

Is that built-in color picker ok? I think I could script one with python, but i couldn’t create colored boxes in the panel with that.

Can’t load the video, youtube says there is some kind of error.

Anyway, built-in color picker is perfectly ok.

Works for me on youtube now, but here’s a picture anyway:

It takes 3 clicks to change the color. This is already working code-wise, not sure though what would be more suitable for you: the colors stored as properties per .blend file or in the user settings (addon preferences, requires you to click a button in order to save for next session)?

Now the video works, looks good. As for the settings, properties per blend would be ok.

that grey wireframe color in the UV editor when paint mode is active on the 3d view.

I just checked and there isn’t a theme color for this, apperently hardcoded. In order to support color changes for this, a blender dev would need to introduce it. I’ll ask if that’s acceptable…

Ok, did this so far:

If you want, I can make the gradient work as you described, only if not pure white for the lower color.


  • set default values for the colors as in the default blender theme
  • maybe integrate custom color picker? (got some code ready for this, but needs a little more tweaking; still no nice ui solution to start the tool…)

Looks good. Please go ahead with the gradient thing, it is either that or maybe double click on it to disable gradient?

As for the custom color picker, let’s leave it for now.

P.S.: Asked Antony Riakiotakis (I think he is the only active developer for the paint system) about the missing Wire color, but got no answer yet.

I located the colors in the code, they are simply hardcoded. Talked to Ton, would be ok to make them theme colors. I need to get in touch with Antony or Campbell though.