Small Size?

I don’t really know where else to post this, but…how is Blender so small? Compared to other 3D programs, how is Blender file size hundreds of times smaller?

Because Blender is MUCH better!!! Just kidding, I dont know.:wink:

One big reason is that most packages come with lots of help files (even videos), and a program like maya has things like a materials library included and even some rigs.

All the extra junk makes them huge.

Perhaps one reason is the perception of small programs. If Maya took up 15 megs, I can imagine a lot of people complaining about the cost considering it’s so small. You pay a lot, you expect something large. (all this seen through manager eyes :stuck_out_tongue: )

it’s because blender is tha shiznit

Blender the best. Good things come in small packages ie diamond ring …