small space-fighter (+ pic & video)

hey guys…

this is just to share a wip… it’s a small spacefighter, meant to be from a not-too-friendly alien race. it’s for a small movie of mine and will accompany a big destroyer-like spaceship in order to destroy the earth :slight_smile:

rendered in yafaray…

c&c welcome… what do you miss about the model? anything it should have (or lose) in order to look better?


I like how it’s asymmetrical and bulky. Very nice. The texturing looks slightly stretched, and the lighting could be better. Try adding a bump map to the texture too.

Also, do you still have the image files you used for the texturing? I’d really like to have those, they look very nice. Did you find them or make them?


yeah, I’m not too happy about the way the texture stretches… but I have never been successful with UV-mapping and try to wiggle my way around it (without much success).
the texture is from bits and pieces off the internet - not really licence-friendly and a friend of mine photoshopped it together… I like it very much as well.

thanks for the compliment regarding the design! I’ll try something with the light, although it has this nice sharp space look right now…

pm me for the texture files, right now they are all in one huge ps-file, much too big to upload

For a far off alien species it seems alittle human to me.

you are right gallin, but think of it in terms of star trek alienness… it’s alien if you call it alien :slight_smile:
quite frankly, i tried my hand at very alien designs, but as I still suck at that, I had to go for simpler forms.

a small animation of the fighters can be found here at vimeo:

here is another pic from the fighter. maybe you feel that not so much has changed, but here is my very first attempt at texture painting anything, it’s still sort of crappy, but I feel that I’m on the right track, am I?
I did some rust stains where pipes and plating meet, in order to sell the objects more as belonging together (for a long time). what do you say?
I used a simple cloud texture with a brownish-red color to stain the model, is there a better way to put stains on it?
c&c welcome

here is a higher res version of the video clip:

currently I’m working on some type of engine/smoke/exhaust, but maybe I’ll just go for a simple glow…

the problem is that the fighters are rendered in yafaray, but when I rerender the exhaust-glare in blender internal (from the same file) then the perspectives between blender’s camera and yafaray’s camera don’t match exactly, i.e. I can’t render halos in render and simply alpha them over yafaray’s pictures… has anybody got an idea how to correct the camera options in blender or point me to a tutorial?