Small spheres on large sphere

Hi. I am new to Blender and am trying to create an image for the project I am doing. I am wondering what is the best way to create multiple small spheres on a larger sphere such that they are all closely touching each other? For now, I am thinking of an array, but how do I create an array on a UV sphere?


the easiest way would be a particle system.
Add it to the sphere, set the start and end frame to one, the particle amount to the number of vertices in your sphere, emit from vertices (not random), physics to “no” and use a second sphere as a dupli-object for rendering.

If you don’t find your way around particle systems, there should be some good introductions easy to find (may be have a look at some of Andrew Price’s Tutorials).

Hope this helps

/Edit: ARgh, Jonathandone was faster plus dupliverts are probably even easier. nervermind.

Thank you for your help. I went with the duplivert way. I used an icosphere and changed the number of subdivisions such that each sphere will touch the next nicely.

I need to color code the spheres in two colors. Since they are duplicated from one sphere, all of them will be the same color. Is there a way to change the color of some of the spheres?