Small studio recruiting artists

Updated Oct 15

Hey guys! Theory Animation is a group of guys from around North America who are building an online animation studio. We’ve just finished our first short, Nuts for Pizza and are hard at work on our next piece, Ray and Clovis!

We need some help. We’re looking for volunteer animators and pipeline TDs (python.)

Five years ago a few of us graduated AnimationMentor and wanted to keep going. We formed a studio with the belief that you can live anywhere in the world and create amazing stuff.

If you’d love to help, send me a PM or reply in here!

I’d be interested in the texture art, if at all possible :slight_smile: No experience other than the bit of blender I’ve already done, but I am versed in Photoshop as well as Gimp and am currrently self employed on my own now.

Hey Craig! Cool man, I’ll PM you in a second here. We’re starting to build the studio and getting all the pieces in place. I know we’ll need a lot of texture love. We’re aiming for a very cartoon shaded look too, so maybe its something we can experiment with!
I meant to link this too: That’s the link for the new series. At the moment we have a few bits of pre-production art up :slight_smile:

I will be volunteering as a Prop Artist. At this stage I am still learning Blender but I am quite confident about my modeling skills. It’s not big but here’s my portfolio

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Hi Craig, I would be interested in building props and can probably do some texture art. I’ve been using photoshop for about 15 years now and Blender for 6+ years

Hi Psyborg, are you familiar with UV unwraping in Blender?

I would be interested in helping out with some props and textures. Most of my experience is in low poly game art, so I am familiar with Modeling, UV Unwrapping, and Texturing, all in Blender (As well as Maya, 3DS Max, and XSI) with Photoshop for textures. I also have a bit of experience with lighting, rendering and compositing. Let me know if you think I would be able to help.

Hey Timothy, we definitely need help in the rendering and lighting side of Blender. Want to give it a stab with us? I’ll PM you with more info!

Also when I get the go ahead I’ll post some more images in here to show you guys what we’re working on.

Would be interested in the props, textures, and (depending on what exactly is involved) lighting. Some experience with UV unwrapping and GIMP.

Enjoyed the short.

Hey GregHX, I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

Hi, I may be able to help with rigging (I like texturing too but that seems to be covered), but what kind of work ethic is to be expected? (how much work, how often)

Thanks for all the replies guys. The short is coming by and looking awesome.

We’re still looking for people!

Specifically: Lighting Artists and Rigging Artists. Please PM for info :slight_smile:

As for the series, we’re releasing our first episode in the Fall. Exciting!

thanks to all of you guys who signed up ; I added a new bit to the top. We’re in need of lighters and compositors to help figure out the render pipe. we’re in pre production and have some awesome artwork from craig and greg (above) Check it:

lol like every one else that has posted i can model some props an i am familiar with unwraping objects but i cannot do organic things yet. here is some of my work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll PM yah :slight_smile:

Its funny you say organic because at the moment that’s what we really need hah. We need a lot of organic bits, pots, plants, shrubs, trees. Stylized (and pretty simple) but is a good example of the kind of style we’re looking for.

Even though it’s not your strong suit, want to take a crack at it?

well i mean human and animal organic :stuck_out_tongue: im sure i could do some plants and such

Ah! I can’t send you a direct message derek. It says your inbox is full…

Would you like to learn rendering?

rendering with blender or some other software?
i know how to render with blender
i cleaned out my inbox you can massage me now

Can I join? :stuck_out_tongue: