Small tech demo [UPDATED]

I learned a few new things in Blender!! I experimented with animated textures and particle emitters and I got a few nice results to use in other projects. Made with Blender 2.34. No python.

 I also learned that with some good efford you can find any information you need using "search"!





I was playing around some more with particle emitters in 2.34 and I discovered a nice effect!




Buttons: SPACEBAR to switch camera, ENTER to restart game, Q to quit.



Really nice test. I see it runs really smooth on the new coded game engine. But it’s just watching or can I give an input? Just curious, btw really nice test. :smiley:

Oh HELL!!! Such great textures!How did you do those light things (the ones pointing Up)?What’s the secret(im mad because everyone can do great textures and i cant :x )?

How the shining beams of light work:

They are empty’s with an ‘add object’ actuator. These empty’s add a single face with an animated texture and also with a object color IPO and alpha IPO.

The single face is tracked to the camera with another actuator.

How the rockets work:

The rocket is a dynamic actor with a parented empty. The empty has also an ‘add object’ actuator. It adds a single face which is a dynamic, anisotropic actor. The emitted faces act as thrusters pushing the rocket upward. The rocket has no upward force of it’s own!!

Also, changing the value of Mass, Size and Dampening of the emitted face actor influences the flying characteristics of the rocket!!

Cool, eh! :slight_smile:


cool?? that’s awesome!
it’s an awesome effect, and it runs so smoothly to top it off

Could you give the blend format for us linux users ?

Cool rocket! Great idea to use physics for the force rather than “cheating” and using the rocket itself. Shows what can be accomplished without python :slight_smile:

Yea, cool, for windows users that is

awesome, I need to test that at home. Btw Al-Capone I could open it in 2.25 and save as blend in 2.35. If victor allows me to do, or he does by himself. :slight_smile: I know Linux and Mac Os users are a little pushed away no idea why, maybe most of the people don’t know what work or won’t on linux and mac, like me :stuck_out_tongue:

Use WINE to run the .exe file. Its works fine.

apt-get install wine, or download the rpm file.


realy cool effects, i like it!

What is wrong with asking me for the .blend file? Like the polite JD-multi suggests.

Is it such a big mistake of me not to give it immediately??

Well, showing a little reluctance and care is not so bad, when I read that a popular reaction is hacking the .exe file…in the same post of the person who created it!

Just so you know:

I was preparing the .blend for posting, and I will post it. But I don’t feel good with it anymore

Blend file

For the others: thanks for the nice reactions :slight_smile:


Well actually I wasn’t really jumping and running in cirkels for a blend file, but just wanted to help those another os guys. Ooh I really didn’t want to hack the file, it’s just an allknown possibility to view it inside blender itself. I also thought that would work on Linux to view it even if it was a windows runtime.

Well I really like the test you did Victor, I also added it to my blender resources backup disks. (that’s just something if people can’t download it anymore, they can place a request somewhere to ask me if I still have those files, really handy I saved even files from like 2 years ago which are lost on the internet and death links, but I still can put them online. :slight_smile: Someday I post them all online or bring out a game resource cd.)

I don’t think JD was going to hack it unless there’s permission, so JD were being polite by not going behind your back. Hacking isn’t really something illegal it’s part of the computer world itself. Thanks for the consideration JD

There seem to be some misunderstanding here. I was not being sarcastic towards JD-multi. I was meaning this.

He wrote:

If victor allows me to do, or he does by himself.

This was polite, because he was refering to me as the person to ask. Yes, Al_Capone asked me too, but he seemed a bit frustrated by the fact Linux-users are sometimes ‘ignored’. Probably he has a point. I do not want to prejudice any user.

I think the person to blame is me. I think I reacted too fast and I didn’t feel I had the time to post the blend before it was (technically accurate) mentioned the .exe can be opened in Blender.

I prefer posting executables instead of blend-files because for me it creates a sense of ‘completeness’ and tidiness, and also it is a (very small) barrier for protection. In this case, just a small demo, I was wrong.

So, I didn’t mean to be sarcastic…and enjoy the cool rockets!


Yea, I guess we all too hasty once in awhile. Hate to ask this, but could you provide a blend file for the bubble one as well ? I’m interested in how you made the beam of light. I try to do the same but I only get one color

Sure, okay. Here it is:


But I have very little room on the server, so I’ll keep it there for only a few days, a week at most. Then I’ll remove a few blends and executables for new things.


Thanks, you can take it down now :slight_smile:

Will Halo work just as well compare to track to camera ?

I’m also interested and having trouble with real time fire, any experiments on your end ?

I think it takes more to calculate, but I’m not sure.