Small temple

I made an ionic column for some reason, and felt obligated to make a temple. No doubt this will worm its way into my Suicidal Adventure Land project but I’ll make a less crazy scene for it first.
Fire is modified from that very nice .blend by Robertt…

Crits/ideas very welcome !

Nice but the reflection of the flame is messed up.

I liked it… maybe continue it to the sides… just maybe :slight_smile:

I like the flame alot can you maybe write a tut?
I have no luck with flames lol.

i think it is the same technique that robert used on his olympic WC. if im not mistaken.

I like it. You should make it much bigger. Like some sort of ancient Hellenic mansion. Or failing that, make a blender version of the parthenon.

Thanks for the comments !

Fonix Wircs : I fixed the reflection but it took 2 hours (or more) to render, which is very silly, so I’ll stick to the original reflections.
Yetzero : what is it you want me to do to the sides ?
[og]GrYpHoN : As Fonix says, it’s Robertt’s surprisingly easy flame technique. He made a .blend available, do a little search.
plexersheep : I need a bigger computer !

EDIT : Forgot the update link !

Great texturing!

The flames are great, its just strange how the flame is connected (sorry for my bad english :expressionless: )



nice flames! you could put some vines here and there if you wanted to get really complcated and high poly and stuff.

Warchyld, do you mean where the flame starts ? I’ll work on that.
Modron, I like the idea of plants, but not vines - I want it to look new.

Are you implying that vines make thigns look old? My shed has vines all over it, and they’ve only been there for two years.

You should add vines to the columns of the temple. It would add character.

But your shed is older than two years. Admittedly the vines don’t make it look particularly ancient, but I’ll keep my temple nice and tidy.
Small update, added plants (from :