Small textures are blurred

I have already googled this, but nothing i found helped me. I use Blender Render, and the textures I use are very small (16x16) And now the textures are blurred. How can I fix that? I have already tried turning off Minimap but that wouldn’t help. I don’t want to resize the textures in photoshop, because there are too many I would have to resize.

I think you mean Interpolation, which smoothes out the pixel edges.
Turn it off in the texuture tab under Image Sampling.

Ehh, is this perhaps for a block in minecraft by any chance?

I had the same problem as well. Just do this:

Open the image file in a program like paint, or gimp, or photoshop, or whatever. And just scale it up to a number of 2^x. Pick an x value.

Some image size I would recommend would be 512x512. Those usually work fine for me.