small Trolls sketch book

armature. rigged and posed

not the best plan, 9.35m verts
6hr render time

and it looks like crap

And where are the leaf particles that should be all over the floor??
oh well, start again.

low poly crow for use in a flock particle effect

I like your ideas here …really interesting and fresh looking.

I like this a lot too, and I have no idea where the leaves went…
Keep at it, its great already, I suspect its going to be amazing!


Thanks peeps :slight_smile:

i have some interesting plans for the tree. i just need to figure out a simpler way to create this. the cg cookie tutorial was helpful but even then its a lot of render time for what i want to do i’ll figure it out though. :slight_smile:

blender guru what really happened entry. sinking of the titanic

“Ooh i never saw a ship like that before, try and get us a bit closer”
closer? yes dear…"

Testarossa. just needs wheels and some tidy up :slight_smile:

Meh, still needs a bit of tidy up. Not far off texture time though :slight_smile:

testing some shaders. not looking too bad, just need to do the lights and start on some normal maps for the wheels and other bits :slight_smile:

I love that crow model! Did you ever use it in that particle effect? I would really like to see him animated. The car looks cool. I would try modeling the tire tread though. That goes a long way. The paint shader needs work. Or maybe the environment isn’t ideal for reflections. I would put a ground in there at least.

yeah dat crow XD it works and is reigged but it is meant to be used as a particle object, so its not really that realistic, i did do a test animation though.

and the particle effect

I’m probably going to end up modelling the car tyres properly, but i wanted to see if i could do a low poly set first using bump maps, though i don’t seem to have much luck with bump mapping in cycles! and yeah the paint shader is in need of a little bit of work, it is currently just a glossy/diffuse mix. fortunately i don’t need to come up with a speckly metallic shader for this model as this car didn’t use them! the back ground sucks balls but was only there to give an idea of environment and most definitely will not be part of the final image!
there’s a ground plane, i just didn’t render it this time. you can see it in the clay shots.
Thanks for the feed back :slight_smile: