Small Waterfall Simulation Help

Hi, I am pretty much a complete beginner at blender but I was interested with the water simulation physics and started experimenting with it. When i try to run a simulation it slips through the mesh and the water is not constant thickness. how can i run a simulation of a small scale waterfall over this mesh I created with inflow at the top and outflow at the bottom:

Waterfall.blend (526 KB)

Small scale on the X-Axis or in general? U can’t achieve constant thickness on a mesh like this. The bumbs and waves breaking the flowing. I downloaded your file and I will see what I can do.

I see your obstacle, but have you got a file you can share which includes all your fluid objects? (i.e. domain, inflow, outflow)

Thats what I got.

OK, and what exactly would you like to change? To make it look more like a waterfall, maybe you could give it a longer drop. A higher resolution would be helpful. You could increase it without too much of an effect on simulation time if you make the domain smaller, and I would personally get rid of some of the space at the bottom.

I’m the wrong person to respond.

moby1kenobi: I’m the wrong person to respond.

Oops, my bad

@firebird3334, welcome to Blender 3D. I provided a small tutorial for your low poly waterfall.

Hope it gives you some help.

RE: Small Waterfall Simulation Help

1.Rotate Entire Scene on Z axis so water flow faces y axis.

2.Create your fluid & settings in Physics tab

3.Create your Doman Settings and Settings in Physics tab

Video of a small Tutorial I made

–continued from previous post

Files of water Fall (untextured & Textured):

Download Video of a small Tutorial I made:

Thank you guys for all the responses, sorry i was away to see any replies. I was looking for something like kelevrah’s but with a less viscous looking fliud like amhatu’s. I was going for a scene like this:

But it doesn’t look like blender’s water sim is upto that standards

Ok now it’s clear. In your case I would recommend to use the smoke simulator instead the fluid sim. Maybe both for the still waterspots.
Hot tip: Steven Lund’s (alias CG Geek) tutorial series for creating a waterfall on Youtube. (

@firebird3334 , Yes, Blender Internal & cycles Renderer can achieve this look. I happen to be working on a waterfall scene for my on project.
I would be happy to simulate the image above, are you the owner of the image (is it creative commons or other ) etc?

The model if made would be of a mid-to high poly count if done. Blender’s water sim is only part of the work Textures and Lighting are final touches for a scene. :cool: