small WIP *UPDATE*

ok this shoudl be a small wip. i think im almost done with this, and i thought i would post it at elysiun…and if i posted it there i might as well post it in the WIP forums becasue ill get so much great C&C that my image will be 10 times better by the time im finished updating it…lol %|

5 min. ro render.

i know there are a couple problems(like the plane isnt all the way out of the camera’s veiw…) and i need to make the chain fall to the ground closer to the cross…

i do plan to make a nice wood texture to put on the floor/plane.

C&C is welcome!

IMO, you should smooth the rings around the cross. Other that that mabey change the materials a bit depending on what look you are going for. Looks like its going to be a pretty cool picture.

Yeah go you. Nice pic I agree with Tuggles you need to smooth the rings around the cross. If that is the effect that you are going for then leave it as is.

Nice idea by making the ‘horizontal’ cross out of the same mesh as the ‘vertical’ segmant. looks good hardly noticed it.

how did you make the chain???

Nice pic over all caio


thank you guys for the great replies!

i dont think i want to smooth out the rings, because its supposed to have a metal/glass/diamond look…so i thought that added a nice touch to it.

the chain…? well each link has only 16 verts, and it is on “set smooth”.

basically i just modeled on link, duplicated it, and added the newly duplicated link onto the first one. and i rotated it 90 degrees. and i added a couple more on,and rotated them. and after about 6 links were done, i selected all of them, duplicated them and rotated them, and added them onto the first 6. so then it had 12 instead of 6. i basically did that over and over again and created what it looks like now.

oh, and they have some raymir on them

i dont think i want to smooth out the rings, because its supposed to have a metal/glass/diamond look…so i thought that added a nice touch to it.

Ok then maybe change the color to a more transparent red or green like emerald or ruby imo the way they look now just looks unfinished.

yeah the color idea may work. and what is with the grainy effect on the picture?? i have noticed a few pics witht eh same grain effewct i dont get why ppl doi it

oh well


ok well, if im gonna do that than i prolly shouldnt add a wood texture to the plane. ill try both, and post them here. a render is in procces right now…

why not put the wood texture on?? try it c what happens


i really dont know, but IMO i think it looks better. all it is is Ambient Occlusion

i guess ill try. but i dont think it will look right…

here it is green

i think i might make it red…,yeah, im gonna make it red. the next render will also have a nice wood texture.

but for now…ZzZzZzZzZzZz…12:30 here…school day tomarrow too…:(:(:frowning:

I have one of those…I must say GOOD JOB so far. Mine is old and rusty now…lots of use :wink:

i forgot to turn OSa on higehr in this render… :expressionless:

some tweeking in GIMP and it should look perfect…once i render it with OSA

oh uh…C&C plz :smiley:

Ok the stones still aren’t right you need to make them a little darker. My dad was a jeweler way back when so I handle preacious stones all the time and it stands out right away. Here is a pic of a ruby so you can get a better color reference.

hm…your right! :smiley:

ill try to change it best i can.

thx for the reply!

C&C is still welcome :slight_smile: