Small World *WIP*

So I’m sure you’ve seen this concept before. Most likely you’ve seen in it 2D but maybe 3D too! Well anywhoo, I am going to try my hand at it.

Here are some concepts/references I’ve made.

I’ll need a lot of help on this project but I think it will be worth it!

Here’s a project I did recently to give you an idea of the style of what I want to do.

First update! Eventually I’ll have more realistic textures, grass, trees, and more.

How would I go about selecting each section of terrain, making it a separate object?

EDIT: Nevermind! I’m using a sphere and the image as guides to model each section.

You can go into edit mode for your sphere, select the vertices that you want to separate, press the space key and type … separate.
Perhaps there is this option buried in some menu where you dont have to type with the spacekey, but I’m not sure where it is at, so I always do it that way.

Those vertices will then be made into their own object, I often have to readjust the origin after doing it.

Another option would also be to create vertex groups.

Yeah I know that bit. The problem was getting the right shape instead of jagged, almost bit looking, lines of square faces instead of the splotchy, rounded, “islands” that I am trying to create. Thanks though!

Here’s the update, next up is to add the building back in, create mountains, and add grass. After that update I’ll try different textures and a better background sky, probably will make the background transparent and use the compositor to add in a separate image.

Update!!! Not sure how to do the trees for the forest. Also still have to add some minor details and the ship. After that I’ll work on texturing the desert and arctic regions. Tell me what you think!

Well the city is a bit flat in contrast to the tree opposite it. It looks like you improved the grass with the comb tool.

Yeah, the city will eventually be worked on, trying to pace myself so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m not sure why the grass looks like that, I agree with what you’re saying the problem is, I haven’t used the comb tool. I’ll play with the settings, it might have something to do with the texture too. The taller grass at the top/center looks alright, right?

One more update, didn’t do everything that I said I would but I skipped ahead a bit.

Big update! :smiley: Almost done I think/hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice concept! The water looks a bit strange… too diffuse maybe and the texture too obvious.

Okay, I’ll see what I can do about it. I still need to figure out how I should do that trees.

Update! Instead of having a glossy/diff mix shader I did glass/diff. I might add an absorption node group that I’ve used on tons of projects, it will basically just make the waves a tad more noticeable. Obviously still need the trees. How does everyone like the sky? When I do the post processing it will all blend together better.