Small Youtube vid I made

Hello everyone I was bored today so I uploaded this here :

Hope you enjoy You can post here on how I did this very easy card trick.

Well I am off to finish of some Blender vids Lol…


Dam now the link is fixed I am very sorry I forgot that I copyed that other link to the emo song my friend told me to check out that band and I thought that was the link… =(

which one are you?

Did not get that I am the 1 in the vidio with the cards :S ^^

You posted an emo rock band.

did I :S It was suppose to be my vid seccond let me just check it out sorry but this is the first time I am ever using Youtube …

Edit Reason :
I fixed the link sorry for the wrong dam link I explain above what happened =(

I won’t label ya… I thought it was a cool song with good vocal sound. I think what would give ya an edge would be fatter chords with a thick tube sound. Listen to NOFX, Jane’s Addiction, Infectious Groves, Elliot Smith(R.I.P.).

I dig your energy and enthusiasm, that’s key for live performance(Say, for instance, if you sucked, you can move around enough to dodge the vegetables…lol. J/K)

Sorry but that was not me =( in that band :stuck_out_tongue:
I put the wrong link here be acciedent I fixed the link though.
my current band is way more defferent then that 1 that I acciedently posted here.
I will upload a small vid of my band here on blender artists tommorow just gotta get everything set up though :stuck_out_tongue: