smallbot: clown

I will be using this robot for educating people blender

thinking of many varieties here goes


just forget about the pose
which version is better?

I will post updates … :slight_smile:
edit: my mistake it is in here rather than WIP :frowning:
edit2: i think the no mouth version is better, what do you think?

I think the second one is better. It’s a little bit brighter, and the robot (from this angle) looks less gloomy.

alright, and which is better with our without a mouth?

I love robots and hate clowns, so this is tough for me. Most of yours is a robot, so I like it. I’d get rid of the clown aspect - I’m not sure how many people actually like clowns. I find them a bit…nauseating. Creepy, like carnies (alcoholic pedophiles who “work” at carnivals). I can’t really tell the difference between the two, other than lighting. The robot itself is nice and friendly looking. Well done.

Edit: Mouth is hard to see. It needs a mouth, so #2.


which one is better with or without a nose?

Without. No doubts. No ifs, buts or maybes.
No nose > creaper.

Yeah, I mean take a look at Bender from futurama, no nose but he has a mouth. since he is a robot, you are at liberty to do pretty much whatever you want with it, a little speaker, or maybe lights, or just a normal mouth, anything goes!