smaller grid / transform along single axis / export to 3ds

ah my head is full of questions!

  1. can i change the size of the grid? if yes, how?
  2. how can i move / scale an object along only one single axis? when i want to scale an object it always extends into all directions. if i press [mouse3] i can transform an object along on axis, but i can’t choose which one i want.
  3. are there plugins for blender to export / import .3ds files?


Grid is in Blender Arbitrary Units (BAU)

You answered yourself, MMB (Middle Mouse Button) You can choose the axis, it is that where the mouse is moving when the MMB was pressed. Re-press to eliminate the single axis scaling.

Recurrent questin, and I really never remember the answer :frowning:


Try here for import/export scripts:



on the contrary

put you mouse over a 3D window and press shift-F7.

you can define the grid size there.

shift-F5 to go back to the 3D window