Smallest possible measurement in Blender?

I wanted to know the smallest possible measurement unit in Blender, because I have two meshes, both already textured, and approximately the same vertices in the same positions, just that one’s normals are facing the opoosite direction because the modeled object is supposed to be 2-sided but thin as paper. Blender’s auto weighting tends to choke on intersecting vertices/meshes, and I don’t think I can solidify without destroying the UVs. Removing doubles wrecks the texture mapping of course. I was hoping to scale the interior mesh down by the smallest possible value so it would look the same to the naked eye, but the vertces’ coordinates would differ a bit.

It’s micrometer, um for short.

Erm… I think I should rephrase it. I meant what’s the smallest floating point value I can enter for the default measurement unit? Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear about it.

with scale =1 Float = 9999. XXX

only single precision 7 digits

and don’t trust number of digits in the N panel
this is using MS numbers which are not = BL
so might get more digits then internal bl

happy bl

I see. Thanks guys