SmallLuxGPU and Blender VSE

Does anyone know if SmallLuxGPU is compatible with the Blender Video Sequence Editor (non-3D video compilations)? If so, any suggestions on which ~$100 graphics card would be best for fastest sequencer render time?

Well I can tell you that even if it isn’t “compatible” you can still render out an image sequence and use THAT in the VSE.

This is very true, but it misses the point I’m trying to get at… my prob is with the rendering time of the VSE. I’m not dealing with 3d objects here, but rather raster graphics and video shot on pixel cameras that are imported into the VSE.

When you finalize a project in the VSE, Blender sends each frame through the internal renderer to create the final video file. This seems to take a long time.

If I am doing something wrong, please let me know.

Thanks :smiley:

SLG does not have any capability to render a cut/composite of video files like what an NLE would do, if that is what you are asking. BI can apparently (always wondered how the VSE worked…)

have you tried disabling raytracing and all costly features and even moving your whole scene and lights to another layer? Only thing needed by the VSE is the sequence of images and your camera.

Hey good point… I turned off absolutely all raytracing and rendering went really fast!

The problem is that I actually use 3D objects as overlays for titles, overlays, etc. So I guess, for those scenes, SmallLuxGPU could still be quite useful.

Thank-you everyone for commenting!