Smart Config - Import export full blender configuration with addons in one click

Hi @tonton

Do you have plans to make this addon compatible with Blender 2.9 or 3.0 ?


Hi @tonton i am an addon developer can i convert it 2.9 version if you are interested.


@xan2622 Hi, didn’t have time yet, still on the to do list, but a lot on my plate right now, sorry I can’t give a time frame for this…

@Alexs1998 hi, of course that would be awesome, it is on github, just branch it and pr it when ready! The add-on was written some times ago though, wasn’t so great at python coding, so it is neither well written nor efficient, sorry about that :grimacing:! Thanks for your interest and the proposal!



That’s Great, I am not a professional coder just trying to improve every time i create an addon.

I was just going through this thread many of them ask for converting into the latest api. So i was thinking to convert that’s all.

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yep of course ! this would be really awesome !
Don’t hesitate to pm me if you have some questions about the addon, and again, sorry for the not so great coding… :slight_smile: Cheers !


Amazing addon. December is just around the corner :wink:

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Made some changes in user interface.

NB: i was not able to convert the latest version, so i have converted version just below.
will convert the latest version to the latest api as soon as possible

From here you can download Version 2.0

and your script is really great @tonton I have learned a lot from this addon.

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Hope everyone will enjoy the update.
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