Smart Delete 1.1.2 For Blender 2.8 is finally here!

Hi i just updated my smart delete addon you can check out the new feature below:

New Features:

you can get it here:

Original video:

Smart delete combines all types of delete to one button in Blender so that you don’t have to browse through a list to manually choose the correct delete option for what you are trying to delete.

Pressing delete will toggle between two types of delete depending on what mode you are in, for example:

VERT MODE: Delete vert / Dissolve
EDGE MODE: Delete edge / Dissolve
FACE MODE: Delete Face / Dissolve
EDGE LOOP: Delete edge loop / Delete connected faces.

If you want to use other commands like “collapse” or “edges only” just hold del a little longer and a menu will popup with more options (also context sensitive to make the list smaller).


  • Context sensitive - Pressing X once replaces:
    X+V,X+E,X+F,Ctrl+X .

  • options to use list or pie menu popups

  • uses sticky keys.

  • Can be used in pie menus or keyboard.


In order to get theese functions to work with your pie menu you need to paste the code from version 1 or 2 inside your pie menu.

VERSION1 - context sensetive delete with no popup.

VERSION2 - Popup, list/pie.

Big thanks to Kostas and @roaoao for all the help!

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By being in the same mode I just go x + v/e/f to delete what I want and ctrl +x to dissolve.
I think it’s fast enough don’t you think ?.

Yes it depends on how you work and what workflow you prefer. I do lowpoly modeling and work professionally in the gaming industry which means that I do an insane amount of delete operations every day. Since I get neck problems if I have to stare at my keyboard every now and then I prefer to not use anything that demands any kind of combinations on the keyboard.I only use Ctrl,Shift and Alt for everything I need in Blender, the rest is custom scripts on my pie menu. This addon is mainly for pie menu users or people that use delete a lot but maybe not the dissolve,collapse ,only faces options that much. I also think that people that are migrating from Maya to Blender would prefer something like this, especially since it takes away a lot of keys to remember.

I am a big believer in giving users the option to completely transform the program to suit their needs. I try to not get caught up in discussions that aim to tell other people how they should work. We are all different and this is just another option for like minded people if you have found a way that work for you that is awesome man!

No need to get too defensive, calm down. If users like what you’ve done they’re going to buy it.
You claim if you press X then you have to choose what to delete in the menu. I simply pointed out that is not true.
But whatever makes you happy.

I couldn’t care less to argue about this.

I certainly see what jimpaw is after and I don’t think he was being defensive, I think he just tried to explain the benefits. Pressing X and then looking down to find v/e/f is a torture I don’t want to go trough either (I’d rather use the menu). I haven’t bought the addon yet but I’m saying it makes sense as I’ve also been slightly frustrated with Blender’s verbose and context unaware delete menu.

“No need to get too defensive, calm down.”
ramboblender i am calm, no hating here man :wink:

“You claim if you press X then you have to choose what to delete in the menu. I simply pointed out that is not true.”
I will be sure to write that this addon replaces the keyboard shortcuts


To just x. thanks for pointing that out.

Yeah, I agree with ToshiCG.
This addon is very useful for some of us that use extensively a tablet, and do it all in one button is a dream.

But I also have to say that comparing it with the capabilities and possibilities it offers Smart fill (bought it :wink: ) at the same price, $3 for Smart Delete seems to me expensive…

regarding the price that’s a fair point, try to see it as this, it goes a lot of time and energy to make this to work and if you are having a more pleasant time working with Blender i am sure that in a year you will have gotten your value back. But i hear you! i will keep developing this addon as well from the feedback i get from you guys so hopefully it will grow into a mini beast :wink:

About your effort and work there is no question, your time spent helps to retrieve my of time!
Maybe Smart fill was too cheap! :smiley:

You have to see from the point of view of a buyer: you have two products, in a way similar, at the same price.
But one is deeply developed, while the other “looks” a simple utility addition.

Unless we are able to experience first hand the benefits, the second looks expensive, just that :wink:

That’s not really fair because Smart Fill started out really simple too.

Hi, I have a issue with the payment form on gumroad.
Keep on loading the form and does not allow me to choose the payment type.
Is it just me?

Hmm really wierd, I can’t see Paypal as an option anymore, I will contact Gumroad and see what’s up. Thanks for the feedback!

Gumroad looks back to normal. So I bought it. :wink:

I’m still believe that it’s expensive for a first release, but if will become useful as Smart fill is (speeds up amazingly my work!), I think it’s worth it.

Next update will toggle between dissolve if you execute the command twice,just like smartfill does.
It will probably be up next week.

Thanks, I’m really curious to see how much “beast” will become :eyebrowlift:

I’m trying to use Smart delete with my pie (Pie Menu Editor), but I cannot get it to work as I want.
Pressing X I want use your functions, and in hold mode my pie (with your pie nested).

Holding X works well, but when I press X, comes out the default Blender hotkey (delete menu).

Any advice?

Hmm, i will ask the programmer, i am sure there is some kind of sollution for this. stay tuned!


just generally wondering what the code looks like for detecting a delayed key release (HOLD) functionality and have it trigger something different from key press? can you point me to an example code that demonstrates the implementation? i came up empty looking for this type of thing on stackexchange.

I am not a programmer myself, but i will ask the programmer if he can send you a message.

never mind. i purchased the addon to have a look at the secrets it holds. :wink:

had trouble with paypal on gumroad yesterday hence my inquiry.