Smart Delete 1.1.2 For Blender 2.8 is finally here!

If i am not mistaken it seems like you got the idea that i was somehow offended or angry when you wrote me an answer. That was certainly not my intention, i just needed to understand what you were suggesting since i don’t program myself and need to know why it was good. But thanks for the answer!

Oh no… certainly not. :slight_smile: I just don’t know and don’t pretend to know, as am ignorant of the case (programming) myself. Basically, i asked myself: “What would help me most?” while trying to be objective as i can. So writing goes to me as well, when i revisit. From experience… nowadays in age of confusion, i’ll soon forget. Hopefully this will remind me :wink: to do better. To be aware.

I assume you helped a lot of users to simplify their use of Blender. I also assumed then, you wish to do the same in future.
My bad, if it turned out strange (too aggressive?). I take full responsibility. Please, accept my apology.

I have to say that i like this tool before, when i dont have to click on any menu. Right now I get so many different pie menus, which slows my productivity. Also your tool have some bugs. sometimes when i hit ctrl+z. Blender just crash. When i un-install your latest script, everything works fine.

For me the addon has been working fine consistently for a long time.

Is this planned to be ported to 2.8? Can’t live without it.

Its Finally here!

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Smart Delete has been updated to run on 2.80! There should not be any differences between the 2.80 version and the 2.7x version. Please download “” for the 2.80 version.


In earlier version for Blender 2.7x some people experienced crashes while doing an UNDO operation. Be extra carefull to try this out and don’t start using this addon with any important work before we know it’s 100% safe. So far it looks solid.

Don’t forget to send some love to Nburn for his great work!

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While waiting for this 9 months… :smiley: I’ve been using Auto-Delete. Now, what does yours offer over the one I am currently using?

Not sure what autodelete is but does it automaticly delete faceloops aswell on just one button? can you toggle between deleting the face completely and just the “grid” inside the selected faces?

Maybe you forgot about it.

What do you mean by deleting the grid inside selected faces? Disolving edges?

you can see the function in action here:

But listen, if you have find another addon that you think works better i am glad for you. All the best!

I just wanted to know the difference. I didn’t know which one was better for my needs but it seems yours contain 2 functions for each type of selections with a single keystroke. That’s a great feature the other one doesn’t have. For 3 bucks?.. I just got it.

Thanks mate and all the best to you too. :wink:

I was wondering if you could make it so when dissolving this.

It will fill it like this and not the way it does currently as it doesn’t seem to be very useful in that situation. Asking out of ignorance in case there are any other uses that I don’t know right now by the time I am asking.

One more thing is if we can get an option in preferences to keep the delete warning in object mode.

I will look into it thanks for the feedback!

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Finally decided to buy smart delete :slight_smile: Will go through the old videos for expected functionality and report any issues :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

When i use blender limited dissolve it gives the result you are after. It also seems to do exactly the same thing in most situations. Maybe this can be solved. I will ask the programmer.

That’s a good point. I don’t normally use the menu or pie I use x twice so maybe it could do the actual deletion the first time and second one limited dissolve or the other way around. Sounds like a perfect solution. Thanks a lot man.

This type of deletion can be done with the “Dissolve Edges” command if you use it outside Smart Delete and uncheck the “Dissolve Verts” option in the operator menu:
I am not sure how much work adding that option into Smart Delete would require though. In order to get operator menus working inside Smart Fill, I think the menus had to be rebuilt in Python. :frowning:

I can look into this for a future update.

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