Smart Delete Addon

More functions but still unstable version:

Less functions, but works pretty stable:

Hi guys!

This is my first attempt to create an addon for Blender. As a former Softimage user, I was confused by the delete method in Blender. All these popups and confirmations.

So I created an addon which deletes object or components based on the active mode (Object or Edit) and a combination of components selection mode.

New buttons will appear next to the usual delete buttons. Set a hotkey for them and try it in different modes.

Works in blender 2.80
Very early alpha, so expect bugs

How it works (hope you can understand my english)):

If you have thoughts on how to improve the addon, your ideas are very welcome!

I recommend using Just Delete addon for now. Use Smart Delete only for testes or at your own risk.

It crashes Blender under some conditions that I can’t track.
Most often when trying to delete all polygons after several manipulations such as extrude or grid fill.
But I can not understand the patterns.


Probably need to find another name. There’s already a Smart Delete addon by jimpaw80

Not so smart delete maybe?

I like it :+1:

I’m a Max user just learning 2.8 and this is perfect. Is there a way to set a universal hotkey ‘X’ to delete faces/delete objects/dissolve verts and edges?

Thanks for this,

You can right-click on the addon button, select Assign Shortcut and actually assign shotcut.

thanks, I know how to assign hotkeys, but can I have the same key as context sensitive for all of the things I mentioned above?

When I assign X to smart delete I still get the confirm popup.

You should go to Preference > Keymap and delete previous hotkey first.

OK. Thanks.

Where is that addon button? Can’t find it in the N panel.

Hi, sometime i have crah when I use Smart delete may be 2 , 3 time by day.
I come from modo so like this addon (a lot ),
A more stable version is planned ?

try autodelete by darcvizer

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Even simpler. Thanks man.

Roo Nice thx :slight_smile: