Smart Fill Addon 1.4.0 - Blender 2.9.3

Alright, just updated.


Good to confirm it’s not happening in 2.93. I can look into it for 3.0 once it’s close to being ready for an official release.

I am not sure what you mean by the move is stuck in 2.93.

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So when you use that tool it puts the vert to move right to your cursor some times it just locks up and it bugs out as if it was moving but nothing is moving.

And it’s fine ill just use a mixture of 2.93 and 3.0, i use pablos sculpt branch for the sculpting optimizations so ill just do main poly building in 2.93 take it to 3.0 for sculpt then go back to 2.93.

1.4.0 crashes on 2.93.1 or not working with enbled f2 addon. when disabling f2 addon - works better

You have to assign f2 and SmartFill to different hotkeys if you want them both enabled at the same time. When I was testing out the updated hotkey preferences for 1.4.0 I had SmartFill assigned to F and assigned the f2 add-on to Shift F.

Try disabling auto grab in the F2 addon, Smart fill doesn’t seem to work with it for me anyway i hard crash.

EDIT: that also includes disabling Enable Extend Vert as it also uses auto grab.

Did Smart Fill and F2 cause crashes when used together in previous versions of Blender like 2.83 or 2.92 or is this something new with 2.93?

It worked fine in 2.92 at the end it stops working but after a bunch of tests on it again it couldn’t get it to bug out life that again, can’t remember 2.83, and causes crashes in 2.93 and 3.0.

Are both Smart Fill and F2 installed and enabled in these tests or just F2?

Both are installed and enabled and F2 has it’s hotkey disabled so only Smart fill is being triggered in these tests, F2 works perfectly no autograb issues or crashes.