Smart Fill Addon 1.4.0 - Blender 2.9.3

Nice i like it

Just watched the video and got the new version. Awesomeness!

Some observations:
-repeat last (ctrl+scroll up) doesn’t work if you fill between two faces and then try to use ctrl+scroll up to bridge between two open loops.
-twist is too abrupt, it would be nice if you could rotate more gradually

I think the twist is a limitation of blender’s bridge tool but if you’re going to tweak it to make proper arches (sounds really cool by the way), maybe fixing twist might be possible as well.

Another crazy idea: custom profile curves :slight_smile: Instead of being limited to the 6 Profile Shapes blender provides, let people make their own shapes. I think mode has this and Blender also has custom curves in some cases like sculpting brushes but it’s not consistent across all tools.

Thanks for your effort guys. This is already one of the best dollars I’ve ever spent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback!

“Some observations:
-repeat last (ctrl+scroll up) doesn’t work if you fill between two faces and then try to use ctrl+scroll up to bridge between two open loops.”

Actually it does. Could it be in your case that first you bridge between faces, then you select two more faces AND delete them, and after that try to repeat last command? If it doesn’t then it’s because you delete the faces. In order for the repeat tool to work you must repeat the first thing you do otherwise it will not work. This is something i noticed myself today and we even tried to fix it but we couldn’t get it to work. I am gonna try to look into that and see if we can somehow solve it for future releases.

“-twist is too abrupt, it would be nice if you could rotate more gradually”

Completely agree! This is Blenders default behaviour i am afraid and it really doesn’t make any sence, the only time you get a logic result is if you change the value to “2” after that everything else doesn’t make sence. Here some really smooth rotate would be great, again lets see if future releases can solve this.

regarding Custom profile curve it sounds hard to create,but i will ask the programmer if its possible.

The next update will be to make the grid fill toggle on f aswell when you only select one loop.
So glad you liked it! i hope it helps you work faster!

Kindly // Jimmy

You’re right about that. I guess with ctrl + wheel up I was expecting to get “smart fill with previous settings” whereas in reality you get “repeat last” command.
Again, I already feel I got my money’s worth here, all future improvements are a bonus to me.

Awesssooome update. Can’t wait for that arch feature to be added in :stuck_out_tongue:

One idea I had after watching:

1)connect two faces like normal

2)have a short cut to create a curve that the geo constrains to and manipulate the bends like that.

So for example, if I don’t like the way the algorithm connects to other faces I can manually change it. Or if I need something specific I can go ahead and take over.

Mira tools has something similar so it may not be tooooooo difficult to add in maaaaayyyybeeeeeeee. Anyway, awesome work so far!

@ToshiCG I will look into that for sure!

@RealityFox Can you explain a bit more? “connect two faces like normal”

Well like how your script usually connects faces. That’s all I meant :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so here is a quick workaround to make the arch work perfect! You can try this out yourself. I will try to implement this in the next version for sure. Let me know what you guys think!

Purchased, worth it at that price.

Nice work. You might want to consider a version naming method, my download was called

Really great work! Another one in the best of list!

Sure i will look into that! Thanks for the feedback,next version will be named properly.

Well that means a lot coming from you it really does, thanks!

Okay, Grid fill will also work on F from now on! I will try to upload the updated version tomorrow.

Just bought it, very usefull, just need a proper naming instead of “Jimmy F”.

The script just got updated, it is now called “Smart Fill” and you find it under the “Mesh” category now. Did you get the update in your mail?

Okay now the new version is up on the page!

awesome, i like so much this addon

Thanks man! , let meknow if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.