Smart ForTwo Coupé

Hey Guys!

Long time no projects, 'cause of university stuff. :spin:

Soo… I’m modeling my “new” car, a 2008 Smart ForTwo Coupé.

This time I’m really trying to concentrate on finishing the modeling before doing crazy render stuff and ruining my motivation :yes:

The Windows are temporary, don’t bother :wink:

Nothing much to say, critique is welcome as always!


Nothing to critique! It’s looking great!

Some progress. Lot of tweaking still to do.


:frowning: are you going to blow it up when you are done modelling it? that’s the only good use for this this sort of car thing :frowning:
the model looks nice, but next time try a better looking car :wink:

Someone’s being a little poopy head…

The mesh looks pretty clean, and it’s good to see someone doing a more reasonable vehicle :wink:

In Germany people at least “try” to save the environment :stuck_out_tongue: So that’s “my” car as I wrote above :wink:

Yeah, there are way cooler cars out there, but I like modeling stuff that surrounds me. Next time it will be a super sportscar I promiss! :wink:

Thanks, I hope this stays that way.

heeey! don’t mess with smart, it’s mercedes’ small brother after all. No need to make a supercar next. I’d like to see other companies make such a good vehicle in the same scale. And as for your next car, do only what your inspirations tells you to do.

Color this time. Wanted to test the topology with reflections.

Exterior almost done, still to do:

  • headlights
  • taillights
  • whipers
  • windows seals (rubber around windows)
  • interior (-.-)


Looks awesome! Great job so far :slight_smile:

Some improvements and getting started with headlights and textures.


Its looking nice so far though I would say that you need some spec in those tires, side walls of tires can be pretty reflective check out some references.

Looking great!

“but next time try a better looking car”
Yes, because what this world needs is some more Camaro/Lambo/Audi renders :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll look into it and add some spec.

Haha, definitely! :slight_smile:
But Audi does make great cars… :wink:

It’s looking really good. There was something that stuck out at me in the wireframe. On the headlight, you have an NGon. Meaning, you have more than 4 sides. They can really mess up your renders and animation, if you do one. I notice a lot of people don’t even know about them or they just don’t care. If I were you I would look all over the wireframe to find them and fix them. Thought I’d let you know. Keep it up.

Thanks, yeah I’m aware of that and it’s intended :wink:

Some progress on the head and taillights.


There seems to be a lot of pinching going on at the back around the lights, I think you are paying the price of having all those poles in that area. I would suggest you clean up the topology and perharps give some thought to going a little bit denser than you are going at the moment.

Now…(rubs hands) do you want the good news, or the bad news?

tyrant monkey - yeah you’re right, I should clean up this area. I have the feeling when I’m going too dense, it messes up the process of rearranging the vertices.

swaschan - if it’s something about smart not being a car, I don’t wanna know :wink: else, give me your feedback, good or bad

Reflections look a bit ugly, the car paint isn’t exactly ‘believable’, and the materials overall look a bit awkward.

‘hangs himself before facing the onslaught of the Blender community’

-swaschan (from the dead)

There is some pinching in the front of the car as. but the topology is good there so that pinching won’t go away unless you go dense. But if you don’t want to go dense you can probably ignore the pinching as not too bad.

p.s. the rims came out really good